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The morning light filtered through the soft baby blue curtains and cast a warm light across the cozy bedroom and onto the bed that usually just had one pink topped boy curled up innit. But this morning, a snake bitten rabbit held him close as they both slept ever so soundly. Unlike every other time that Casey woke up with a boy in the same bed, this was a pure, sweet kind of cuddle. As they lay there sleeping, Shiloh had his face pressed into Casey's chest, and the raven's face was submerged in Shiloh's soft, candy hair. Eventually, the taller of the two slowly came to. He looked up to the window, and then back down to what he had just brought his face up from. When he saw it was Shiloh though, his emerald eyes widened slowly and in one swift movement, he rolled out of the bed.

"No... no no no no no. Fuck... why did I..." he whispered, slowly crawling away from the bed.

Of course, the whore thought he had sex with Shiloh the previous night, but didn't notice that he was still dressed in boxers, a shirt, and his socks.

Still lying in bed, Shi just rolled over and grumbled a bit in his sound sleep; probably bothered by the sudden lack of heat as he lifted his heavy eyelids and yawned. It was so inviting and cozy a moment ago, they really did fit like puzzle pieces in a way.

"Mmm…Casey?" The pinky muttered as he rolled onto his back and looked around, spotting the whore moments later. "What're you doing on the floor..?" The boy asked with raised brows.

But as Shiloh spoke, Casey noticed that he was still dressed. "Oh, uh... I was... uh... gunna make you breakfast! And I tripped... heh." he replied, getting up from the floor, "Stay here. It'll be breakfast in bed." Casey then awkwardly slipped out of Shiloh's quaint little room, and rushed down to the kitchen, Leaving the confused and semi worried boy huddled up in bed.

Minutes passed before Shiloh let his head drop back into the pillows with a sigh. His bed really was abundant with them too; Along with a few stuffed animals.

Left with his dreamy and bubble headed thoughts, Shiloh pulled the blanket up over his nose as he set his eyes on the little glow in the dark stars scattering the ceiling. Oh how he couldn't stop thinking about the night before. Casey let him hold his hand all the way from the park to the car and then to his room, Casey's hands were so warm but kinda rough in comparison; not to mention a little bit bigger. But that's okay. he thought with a smile, hidden by the blanket; Casey's lips were quite different from his own too, and that was more than okay.

It seemed like forever before Casey came back up with a little tray of food. It did hold much though: a stack of three pancakes with chocolate syrup, a piece of buttered toast, and a little glass of milk. Casey thought about making the pancakes into little hearts, but then slapped himself for being so 'gay'. As he walked the tray over to the bed, he smiled down at his little Shiloh.

"I didn't burn it. Are you proud of me?" he joked.

The pinky sat up a little and oooo'd at Casey's handy work and nodded, "Oh so proud of you. Wow, that looks really good…" The boy leaned in to take in the scent and was pretty happy with what he found. "Come on, sit with me.~" Shi chirped as he tugged Casey down a little by the bottom of his shirt.

The raven sat the silver tray on Shiloh's lap and chuckled softly. "Ok, ok. I'm coming." he chuckled softly, crawling back onto the bed next to Shiloh. Once he was sitting next to the pinky, he took hold of his hand once again.

"Hmmm… your hand is warm." Shi mumbled as he interlaced their fingers before using his other hand to cut a little bit of the top pancake and bring it up to his mouth.

Casey just smiled sweetly and rested his head on the boy's small shoulder.

"Is it good?" he uttered after a few minutes, though his question was answered with a big cheeky grin and a very very timid kiss to the cheek.

After a little while had passed, he did finish up his breakfast and slid the tray down to his knees as he glanced back over to Casey. It was really still hard for him to believe that Casey-of all people- was sitting beside him; In bed of all places too.

Casey was having a hard time believing it too he had no idea he was capable of having a lover like this anymore.

And it was kind of hard to believe that he fell for someone like Shiloh. Pink loving candy boys were exactly the kind of people Casey hated, but... Shiloh was different somehow. He didn't know what love was, but Shiloh just made him want to lie in bed cuddling all day and pick up his guitar again to write cheesy love songs.

The silver tray was kicked off of the bed carelessly as Shiloh rolled over on his side and latched onto Casey's arm like a leech- staring up to him with pink cheeks.

"Casey how're you feeling?", Asked the boy with a few pink lines on the inner edges of his bottom lips.

The raven guessed that Shiloh saw the thoughtful look in his eyes, and broke away from his lovey dovey thoughts to look down at Shiloh. The sound of the tray clattering to the floor also made him snap back to reality. "What do you mean?"

"I mean like… Are you happy? Did you sleep well?" Shi rephrased as his cheek squished against the raven's bicep.

"Yeah, I slept great. And, of course I'm happy." Casey replied, smiling down at Shiloh. After a few seconds he hesitantly placed a sweet little kiss on the boy's forehead.

The sweet but awkwardness between the two was just ridiculous really- But Shiloh was beyond happy with how their friendship turned. It was what he'd been wanting for quite awhile. Though he had no idea what kind of person his first love really was; Well more like, his past intentions and how they were pulled together as friends in the first place.

"Hmm...I'm glad~" The little Russian sighed as he closed his eyes once Casey's lips graced his forehead.

For what felt like a long time, Casey just sat there with Shiloh holding onto his arm as if for dear life, and let his head rest on the wall. He was totally comfortable though. As the silence went on, he wanted to admit that he thought he loved Shiloh, but perhaps it was too soon. How long he would have to wait though, he didn't know. Three days? He hadn't really done this before. Usually it was just a trade between drugs and/or money and sex, and then there was nothing after that.

Casey didn't know how to have a boyfriend like this. Not that they were officially boyfriends or anything.
Casey: How do I boyfriend? :iconjackiechanface1plz::iconjackiechanface2plz:
Part seven
Part nine
(c) Casey belongs to *Moldybass
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Akiyata Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Casey: How do I boyfriend? :iconjackiechanface1plz::iconjackiechanface2plz:

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Why am I so addicted to this adorable couple?!?!?! PLEASE CONTINUE THESE! NAWWW!
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XD I hope a lot! They are great!

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