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Nearly a month had passed and not many visits were made really.

It was early December now and Shiloh had been at the library daily. Going there in the early morning and leaving in the late evening; studying had become a crucial thing for him ever since his auntie had come home for November and left a few days before now. She's always been so stern and concrete when it came to the boy's schooling and education. It took about fifteen minutes to get at least halfway home from the now closed library, which was cozy and an old white building, at least in daylight. Now, it would have looked more like a ghost house.

Shiloh said goodbye to the librarian before he left, his caution sign messenger bag shouldered and his mittens pulled over his dainty little fingers as he began walking home, hesitantly. It was soon too dark for him to see the ground anymore, and he could feel little droplets of water sprinkling down onto him. But he didn't take too much heed to it, just water.

Casey, of course, was doing quite the opposite. Rather than studying and being a good boy like Shiloh, he was busy juggling 5 boyfriends and doing just enough homework so he could graduate. Every single night he had some kind of date or had to lie in bed cuddling one of the five boys he didn't care about at all. Tonight though, he was walking back from a date at the park where he and Shiloh had their first kiss with a smile and a swollen cheek. The date was not with Shiloh though, of course. It was with boyfriend #4, a short sophomore with bleached blonde hair that had a taste for musicals and dancing. It was a rather short date though. As Casey was walking back to his apartment building, he couldn't stop thinking about it and laughing quietly to himself.

It started off with Casey approaching the blonde with a sly grin and a confident swagger. Then, a passionate making out session leaning up against the big red slide that was towards the back of the park.

"The sex last night was amazing." The whore uttered as he pulled away, looking down at the boy.
That made the blonde smile and giggle as he wrapped his arms around Casey's neck. "You really think so?"
"Of course, babe. But..." the raven began. However, what came after that 'but' was not so sweet.
"I'm breaking up with you."

Poor blonde #4 had no idea what to do then. His little eyes widened, and his hands began shaking. "W-what? Why?"
Casey's answer was simple. "I just wanted to bang you, kid."

Of course, that ended in #4 slapping Casey upside the face and sobbing uncontrollably.

Casey had seen been through this hundreds of times before though, and had even been in the situation himself. A little part of him remembered that though, and the memory of his first boyfriend turned his stomach sour. He continued to walk away from the situation though, feeling nothing for the boy he had just violated and left.

It was only about five minutes though before the library Shiloh had just left came into sight though. And not long after, Casey saw Shiloh walking away from it.

"What a coincidence..." he muttered.

The pinky was quick to pull up his dark blue hood to shield himself best from the rain which was gradually growing more and more fierce. He watched the water droplets dance and ripple against the sidewalk as he watched with his eyes glued to the ground. Little things that that were just too fascinating to ignore; beautiful being a more fitting word.

It really had been awhile since he'd seen Casey though, he was always finding himself wanting to be held or cuddled daily; though it was awkward and he thought Casey was uncomfortable around his auntie. But now she was gone again and he was all alone in the big house of his. Casey'd barely even texted him either in the past month.

Maybe he doesn't like me anymore.. Shi thought to himself, a low rumble reverberating in the distance.

The rain bore on endlessly, pounding on nearby rooftops and turning the sidewalks and roads into vast lakes of dull, muddy water. The monotonous sound of raindrops beating on the sidewalk had him in a daze till the rumble of thunder rolled along and slivers of flashing light cracked through the sky; making him flinch and shriek, being quick to run over to the nearest tree to hide.

One of his greatest fears was of lightning. There were nights when he'd spend all his time in his parent's bed crying and hiding under the covers till the storm would let up and allow him to sleep.

In truth, Casey was actually trying to keep his distance from Shiloh. He still very much liked Shiloh though. As the boy walked home, Casey watched from afar. However, it wasn't long until Shiloh was behind a tree crying. The raven knew that standing by a tree was one of the worst things you could do during a thunderstorm safety-wise, so he rushed over to see what the matter was.
"Shiloh!" he called as he ran through the muddy puddles to get to him.

The sound of Casey's voice barely made it over the distant booming of thunder and Shiloh perked up with sniffles, "C-Casey?" He peeped once he spotted his black bunny.
The raven just grabbed Shiloh by the wrist and pulled him away from the tree. "Are you crazy? You'll get struck by lightning..." he sighed, But, once they were away from the tree, he saw that Shiloh was crying. "Hey... sweetie, what's wrong?"

After being pulled around and all, Shiloh didn't bother to say anything and just shoved himself into Casey's chest. Wrapping his arms around Casey; cringing every time that thunder cracked along the earth, rain falling and ricocheting off of them.

The whore held Shiloh tightly, soon connecting the dots. "Shhh... Its ok, Shiloh. I'm here." he whispered comfortingly.
The rainwater dripped from his soaked, dark hair onto Shiloh and down his face. The thunder boomed in the background, and lightning flashed. He was only focused on comforting his little Shiloh though.

"Come on." he whispered once more, "Let's go home."

"Okay..." Shiloh whispered back as he moved his arms to wrap around the whore's shoulders and jumped up to be carried with his legs crossed behind his back. Thighs resting on Casey's hips as he clung to him like a sloth. Casey wasn't expecting it at all of course, but he was ok with it anyway. He just kept his arms around the small of Shiloh's back and began walking.

"Hey Shiloh..." he said after a while, trying to distract him.

"Y-yeah?", Shiloh replied as he peeked up to him; cheeks tear streaked.

At first, Casey was hesitant to ask the question on his mind, but the whole purpose was to distract Shiloh after all.
"What do you like about me?" he finally asked in a sigh.

The question came as somewhat of a shock to the pinky, but he just smiled a little and leaned up to peck the whore's cheek. "..Because you're really nice, I love to be with you, And um.. Well.. Because I think that I'm in love with you." Shiloh whispered back before nuzzling his face back into Casey's shoulder.

As Shiloh spoke, Casey noticed that they were quite close to his house. But the reply was heartwarming, and made Casey smile brightly. "...really?" he asked. He'd never been told something so nice before.

"Do you love me too?" Shiloh asked, just zoning everything out but Casey.

When the question hit Casey's ears, something inside him changed. He could feel something strange in his chest, and he noticed that this whole time his heart had been racing, and his stomach was light with butterflies. "Mm, no..." the raven replied, rubbing a hand up and down the boy's back, "I absolutely adore you. Every part of you. Even the way you move...even the sound of you breathing. To say I love you would be an understatement."

Confessing those things made him feel so much better, even though he felt fine. It was if he'd taken a huge weight off his shoulders.

Shiloh just stared back up to him with wide eyes and pink cheeks, pink from both the cold and this strange warm fuzzy feeling in his chest. "Really?... Oh my gosh—pff, you're soaked." Shi giggled, suddenly noticing how they both were soaked to shit and were most likely to be sick once the snow began to fall. The hill in which he lived on already had a few inches and plenty of frost.

Casey was walking up the steps at this point. "Heh- Yeah, you're pretty wet too. We should probably change and go to bed, it's late." the raven suggested, setting Shiloh down once he'd walked inside.

"So I can stay over?" Shiloh asked as he looked around the room with his lips pursed and shoulders shivering a little.

As he stood there with Shiloh for a second, Casey began to shiver even harder. The halls of his apartment building were pretty much the same temperature outside. Casey's tiny four hundred dollar a month apartment was pretty barren, as he'd only been living here for a few months and barely had enough money to pay his rent. There was only a torn up couch and three boxes with his possessions in the tiny living room, and the standard appliances in the kitchen, which were also pretty beat up.
"Of course you may, babe." the whore said with a smile, kissing him on the forehead.

He then took the boy's hand and guided him to the small bedroom. This room was also pretty empty; only furnished with a small bed and had a tiny closet.

Being in Casey's house gave Shi such a weird feeling to be honest. Something that hadn't occurred to him till now, they were alone and would be sleeping in the same bed. His eyes widened slightly as he found himself staring, mind racing through all of the things that could happen.

Casey just smiled and removed his soaked jacket, then went to pull off his waterlogged shirt. The wet fabric slid off his skin- and Shi couldn't help but stare as the material disembarked, leaving Casey's pale chest which was like eye candy really.
"I'll go grab some towels." Casey suggested, tossing his wet shirt into the hamper, "You can just throw your clothes in there. Sorry I don't have a washer and dryer."

"O-oh! Alright." Shiloh gasped, snapping out of his daze before tending to his own clothes and struggling to pull off his sweater since it was not only soaked and clingy, but heavy too. Shi was really self-conscious about his body though, especially around Casey; Sure his stomach was flat, but his hips were wide and he just felt like that made him fat.

By the time that he was done, he just stood awkwardly in his hello kitty boxers, heels pressed together, and big blue eyes wandering.

Casey also stopped at his boxers, glad that they were long enough to hide his little secret. He thought that once he turned around, he was going to go get some towels, but instead, he stood there examining Shiloh's body. The whore quickly tore his eyes away though. There was no way he was going to destroy this relationship by thinking those things; it was way too pure, unlike the rest of Casey's life. The raven grabbed a pair of dry boxers and went to go for the door.

"Help yourself to anything in my closet." he muttered before leaving.

Shi just nodded before wandering over to the bed and falling down onto it with a grunt. It wasn't too bad really, it smelled like Casey so he liked it; but it'd be better with Casey in it with him.

While in the bathroom Casey hurried to change his under garments and to grab some dingy white towels; one for himself and one for Shiloh.

"Here" he uttered, throwing a towel at Shiloh. After he did, he started drying his own hair. As he did though, he couldn't help but stare at Shiloh's perfect body. Sure, his hips were feminine, but Casey wanted to run his hands all over the boy's body. "Are you alright Shiloh? You're kind of quiet..." he asked, sitting next to him on the small bed.

The boy had rolled back over onto his back when the towel landed on his lower back, and once Casey sat by him- he was just peeking up to him with the towel over his mouth and chest. "I'm okay; I just can't stop looking at you." He mumbled through the material, being quite honest.

That made Casey smile again. "Hey... come here..." he purred, drying off his own collar bone.

"What? Oh um.. Okay.." Shiloh timidly peeped before sitting up and crawling over to him, "Yeah?"

The raven then pulled Shiloh into his lap and pecked his soft little lips. "I can't keep my eyes off you either, babe." he chuckled, running a hand up and down the boy's feminine hips.

And if that statement wasn't enough to make his cheeks flare tomato, that was. Shiloh sighed a bit and took that as a fair trade to feel him up right now. It was only fair and he'd never do something like this without Casey doing it first. "You can't seem to keep your hands off either, heh." Shi giggled as he ran his fingertips down along Casey's chest to his abdomen.

The touching actually gave Casey goose bumps. "Well this is a side of you I never thought I'd see, Mr. Saivetz." he purred, affectionately using Shiloh's last name. The slut gently held the sides of Shiloh's face in his hands, and then turned his head slightly to kiss him. Even though Shiloh was kind of feeling up his chest, Casey was sure to keep it sweet. But with every touch, and every grace of skin, the whore felt an even greater urge to take this a little farther. He did his best to keep his head though. This was perhaps the only thing in his life he didn't want to ruin.

The kiss kind of prevented the boy from saying anything in reply; But that wasn't a bad thing of course. The pinky gradually fell back onto the mattress, taking Casey with him to not break the kiss as they worked their jaws- Shiloh being the obvious newbie to it all and trying to keep up.

Casey just let his eyelids slide shut as they fell back, and he landed with one leg on both sides of the boy. He couldn't even help but let out a little moan through the kiss as he felt Shiloh's back press against the mattress. Sure, Casey had done things like this many many times before, but this time was different. As him and Shiloh were lip locked, butterflies fluttered around in his stomach, and he could feel a genuine feeling of love rather than the sour, impulsive taste of lust.

But he could tell that Shiloh was very new to this, and therefore tried to move slowly. The two lovebirds lie there kissing slowly for a long time before Casey decided to lick the boy's lips a little, as if to politely ask to come inside.
The boy took a second to catch on, but followed his part and parted his lips and greeted Casey with his own tongue and couldn't help but brush it along the whore's inner side of his lip; arms wrapping around Casey's torso and sliding them down to his lower back. Overall, he wanted to make Casey happy- but of course this all was just so exciting for him.

It was so hard not to think with his dick in this situation, but he was trying his hardest. Instead, he tried to focus on Shiloh's breathing and everything he ran his tongue over as he slowly explored.

The moment was just so perfect and sweet between the two of them; Casey almost wanted to tell Shiloh that he loved him again.

Time practically flew as the two spent their time carrying on with that, Though it was about one in the morning once Casey'd pulled away and Shiloh let out a little yawn; arching his back before sitting up on his elbows.

"Do you wanna go to bed now?" He asked in a sleepy tone, a smile stretching across his lips.

Casey smiled as he pulled away. "Yeah, I'm tired." he replied, looking down with a sweet look at his little Shiloh.
As they both then crawled under the covers and snuggled close to each other, Casey was secretly proud of himself for not taking it any further than this.

"Good night, Shiloh. I love you."
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