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Shiloh sat on the mass of red comforters and pillows in his bedroom, propped up against the headboard, staring across the room at the numerous photos plastered onto the far wall in messy discord as he munched the box of crisps in his lap. He dug his hand deep into the cardboard container, the plastic crinkling; he was nearly to the crumbs and he was still hungry.  But it was one of the highest protein things they actually still had at his auntie’s, besides the icky greenery kept away in the veggie drawer downstairs- hidden in the towering fridge. He gave a small little sigh, eyeing the little black cell propped on the whale pillow beside his leg. He really started to miss Casey; they hadn't seen each other in days...well more like three weeks and four extra days to tack on. But he felt needy and afraid that Casey would push him away if he got too close; he loved that angsty raven, but he was scared that he may love him too much and didn’t want to scare him off. All he knew was that he wished he had some sort of distraction to keep his mind off the gnawing hunger in his stomach that wouldn't go away, regardless of how much junk food he consumed.

He emptied the last of the broken corners of crackers into his palm and put them in his mouth before chucking the box across the room at the trash can, where it bounced off with a thud. Shiloh had redecorated not too long ago; sometime in late December. It really had been a long time since Casey had come to visit with him, and even his Auntie had gone off...probably in Australia, petting kangaroos and surfing with sharks. He couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image before sighing again and letting his eyes flit around the room. It was quite a bit less childish now, only a few stuffies which he refused to part with still littered his bed and closet though, but that was okay. His baby blues wandered back up to the wall where the strewn photos remained; pictures of the time that Casey had taken him to the pool, or when they took the train to the city and got lost. Shiloh had insisted to take atleast one picture of Casey soaked by the rain and looking like a martyr, but at a price of a kiss which he granted of course.
But what mattered to him was that his room now held memories, memories that he would keep close and hold dear.

Shi’s eyes then returned back to the phone on his bed, then to his empty hand before sighing a little bit,
“I really do love you if you make me feel this way, huh…?”

In truth, Casey felt bad for kind of ignoring Shiloh for the whole month of January. It was for a good reason though. While they were taking an unspoken hiatus, the raven was cleaning up the mess that was his past; at least, as much as he could manage. He broke it off with whatever boyfriends were left and even considered dropping his nasty habit of smoking, though that kind of took a backseat to becoming less of a whore, and didn't really happen.

At the same time that Shiloh was munching on crisps and missing his black rabbit, Casey was in the bathroom shaving. He'd just gotten out of the shower, and was about to get dressed and prepared to go somewhere he hadn't been to in what seemed like forever. Personal hygiene also kind of took a back seat, as Casey really didn't care about it when Shiloh wasn't around. He cared now though. The teen ran the razor across his gentle skin with care, and once he was done getting rid of the pepper-like stubble, he pulled on his nicest skinny jeans, charcoal collared shirt, and ebony vest. He was careful to keep it fairly casual though; this was an important day, but not suit and tie appropriate. Once dressed, Casey picked up his phone and dialed the only number he remembered by heart.

A low buzz hummed, catching the pinky that remained in his bed all snug by surprise.

Shiloh laid down on his front, hoping that applying some pressure to his stomach would make some of the anxiousness ease. He drummed his fingers against the mattress and narrowed his eyes on the phone before reaching over and holding it up to his ear; tapping the green call button. He’d answered the phone so eagerly the past few weeks in hopes that the more excited he’d let himself be, then it may be his Casey on the other line. But it never was so he didn’t want to end up getting his hopes up again.

“Hello?” Shiloh asked in almost a whisper.

"Hey babe," Casey replied from the other line.
He was smiling as he heard Shiloh's sweet voice, and the joy was apparent in his own. Although it was mere seconds, the raven simply couldn't wait for his lover's reply. He'd missed Shiloh an awful lot, and could only hope he felt the same.

An excited squeal sounded from the other line and Shiloh was quickly racing through words mentally, almost mixing them together as he spoke, “Oh my—Casey! Where have I—you been? I miss you so much! Get your butt over here!”

Shiloh's excited slurring made Casey giggle. "Breathe, sweetie," he chuckled, "What are you doing right now? You busy?"

He inferred from the request for him to come over that he wasn't, but he just wanted to be sure that he'd have Shiloh all to himself for the rest of the day. Today was special, and took a little effort on Casey's part.

“Mmmmmm...Okay okay, I’ve just—I’m so happy that you called.” The pinky breathed, running his fingers through his thick cyan bangs.
“I’m not really doing anything... just being lonely and a bad shot.” He pouted, glancing over to the crisp box lying on the floor by the waste basket.

Of course, Casey didn't get the 'bad shot' part. "Mm, we'll see about that..." he muttered into the phone with a smile, getting into his car. As he pulled out onto the road and began to drive, he couldn't help but get butterflies in his stomach. He was so excited to see Shiloh again. "Hey babe, I'll call you back in a minute, ok? I'm driving," he sighed, trying not to sound too much like he had something up his sleeve.

A little “aww” sounded over the phone before Casey ended the call. Shi sighed again, a content one this time as he rolled over onto his back and cupped his phone beneath his hands on his chest. The kind of happy sigh that you usually find yourself doing after a long day spent with happiness and not one downfall hits you. “Mmmm… I do love him.” He whispered to himself before closing his eyes with a little perky smile on the corners of his lips.

Minutes later, the omnipresent silence over the house was broken by the doorbell echoing through the empty space.
Shiloh could hear it from his bedroom which again, startled him. His eyes darted over to his door and his bottom lip arched up as he slid over the edge of his bed. Nobody else was home, so he was responsible for greeting anyone. He wasn’t a six year old and it’s not like anyone would kidnap a seventeen year old from their house. Of course not, that’s crazy. The thought of kidnappers entered his mind as he kept down the stairs, getting more nervous as every second passed; he probably resembled some sort of worried puppy by the time he’d reached the door and opened it a crack.

But of course, on the other side of the mahogany door was not a kidnapper. Oh no, it was someone much more pleasant. Shiloh's number one, Mr. Casey Matthew Davis, stood on the other side, looking dashing in his collared shirt and vest. He was holding a small bouquet of silky, deep red roses. It wasn't as big as he would have liked it to be, but it would have to do since he was short on cash. "Happy Valentine's Day, Shiloh," the ex-whore said sweetly, opening his arms for a hug.

The look of fear washed from his face in a matter of seconds and switched to complete and utter excitement as Shiloh ran out past the doorframe into Casey’s arms. Shortly after, he felt very underdressed in comparison; just standing out in the chilled air beneath the porch-light in nothing but batman shorts and wife-beater.

“Caseeeey.” Shiloh coo’d, voice muffled by the raven’s shirt since his face was now embedded innit.

Casey hugged the boy tighter into his chest, more than ecstatic to see him. He also tried to keep the boy warm, since he wasn't wearing the best clothes for the weather.
"I missed you so much," he uttered, caressing Shiloh's candy thread hair with his free hand, "I'm so sorry we haven't hung out in a while..."

“It’s okay, you’re here now and that’s all that matters” The younger of the two breathed, tilting his head back to get an eyeful of his boyfriend. Casey always looked great to him, but there was something different about him now. He couldn't exactly put his finger on it, but he loved it. Casey looked so handsome, not that he didn't always look handsome—maybe it was because of the time spent without said significant other, maybe not.
Being with him again after so long fed his need to memorize every bit of Casey, again, and again until they could be apart for however long and his mental image of his black rabbit would not waver.

“You look great.” Shiloh awkwardly stated, his words muddled in comparison to his mental flow.

As they both pulled back to look at each other, Casey also noticed something different about Shiloh. Did a month of not seeing each other really mean that much? Somehow, Shiloh just seemed to look... less like Shiloh. The boy's neck was more defined, a bit like his own, and his jaw wasn't as feminine as Casey remembered. In truth, the raven slightly missed Shiloh's femininity, but he could never like Shiloh any less, no matter what. He truly loved the little Russian.
"Thanks," he said sweetly, leaning in to kiss Shiloh's slightly leaner but still blushing cheek, "You do too. You pull off tank tops and Batman shorts."

“I do? I’m a little cold though.” Shi mumbled, keeping his arms wrapped around Casey’s neck as he looked up to his lover with a cheeky smile. “Let’s go back inside, okay? You’re staying right?”

Casey nodded, and let Shiloh lead the way back inside.
"Of course I'm staying," he replied, "Well... until you get dressed. Then we're both leaving so I can surprise you with something, and then we're both coming back home, and I'll stay with you for the next week if you want me to."
Of course, a year ago, Casey’s statement would have been more along the lines of, “Well… until after you get undressed.”

A look of curiosity came over the boy, a brow rose and he couldn't help but giggle slightly,
“Hmmm... I’d keep you forever if you let me, y’know.”

The raven smiled and hugged Shiloh again, kissing his cheek. "Can I?" he asked in a whisper, half serious.
He couldn't help but let a hand wander down to Shiloh's butt, and cup around a cheek.

A little squeak came from the little Russian as Casey’s hand explored about; he grinned and shrugged a little. “Dunno, can you?” He asked, rocking back and forth on his heels. His mind wandered as he smiled with his cheeks pink and puffed up. Of course he was playing coy, if he didn’t pause to think out his words, he’d probably already have pulled Casey inside, ran around in search for something to feed him, fail his search, and end up kissing every inch of skin that dared to be exposed.

“Where are you gonna take mee?” Shiloh asked, standing up on his tippy toes to plant a few light kisses on Casey’s chin.

The light kisses summoned goose bumps on his skin, and his eyes fell shut in a relaxed state. His mind was also wandering elsewhere, but he kind of wanted to save those things for after the surprise. Still, it was difficult after going without for so long. "Mm, can't tell you. Secret," Casey uttered, "But if don't get dressed, you'll never know. Save it for dessert, babe."

His spider-bitten lip pooched out stubbornly before letting out a short sigh followed by him tugging Casey inside and out of the cold. “Okay, okay.. You win this time.”
The boy was giggling at this point as he spun on his heels and made for the stairs.

Minutes passed, many minutes, Casey had been waiting in the living room for his indecisive boyfriend. To eat some time, he'd put the roses in one of the Russian's aunt's vases, but that only took about five, if that.

The rubber soles of Shiloh’s worn down yellow converse tittered down the steps before the pinky reached his destination with a fatigued huff. He had been rushing all about upstairs, unable to decide on anything so he’d just settled for a black button-up, and tacky sweater vest; atleast he looked adorable in anything knit.

Once he heard Shiloh com down the stairs, he stood up from the couch he'd been waiting on for the last 40 minutes or so, and smiled once the pink came into his sight. He walked over and took the pinky's small, soft hands, missing how they seemed to fit perfectly together.

“I don’t know what to wear...” Shiloh pouted, rubbing his neck nervously as if it were their first date.

"You look amazing," Casey complemented as he leaned over to kiss Shiloh's little nose.
:iconmingplz: Written by both of us lazy-ass writers, *Moldybass and me.
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Though I think it is cool! How it's like "You dont stay the same forever" and such, because so many people believe that and think things and relationships last forever. It just leaves me with this foreshadowing-disappointment feel. //sob

I need to stop feeling so dramatically :iconcryforeverplz:
Fancy-Tramp Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
;A; oh my-- Well we wanted to express that they'd been together for over a year and to share character development. Because they're both turning into studmuffin men at some point. |'D Some slower than others.
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