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August 21, 2012
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The school courtyard only had about a dozen other students. Just mucking about; talking about their general idiotic things that went right over Shiloh's head as he wandered over to one of the few trees and sat in the grass beneath it. Blades of grass folding awkwardly and brushing against his puffy checkered pants. He hadn't seen his friend much today and it was already lunch hour. The boy never really realized just how lonely school was till today since they'd normally spent nearly all of their time together. Though there were some times that Casey would go off without saying why or where…Shiloh never really questioned it though.

It's not like Casey had no friends before him anyways.. But Shi had just grown so
attached to him and couldn't fight the often sense of jealousy that'd developed towards said friends.

Leaves rustled above him due to a light but chilled breeze that swept along the school's roof. The thing that caught a nearby pair of hazel eyes was Shiloh's hair. The way it caught the rays of light filtering through the dead leaves still clinging to the branches for dear life, glowing with an almost pink hue against the deadened, dull landscape. "What's a beautiful sight like you doing all by yourself out here? You could catch cold with that thin a jacket." The teen uttered as he walked up and stood above him.
Shaken from his daydreams, Shi peeled his eyes from the dead grass and tilted his head back to look up to his company. It was a senior who'd recently transferred to this school, weeks beforehand and he'd never seen him before. But he was already notorious with the ladies, he was pretty tall and lean with a handsome face so it wasn't that surprising. But what was surprising was that the guy was talking to Shiloh.

"I'm eating lunch..?" Shiloh finally replied in a timid little voice.

Meanwhile, as Shiloh was being approached by the new kid, Casey had just taken his mouth off of some kid's dick. He didn't even know the kid's name.

"You made me swallow. Give me that whole fucking bottle, bitch." the slut growled, getting up off his knees. Of course, the inexperienced redhead was still panting and red-faced. Casey could tell he'd never gotten a blowjob before. With shaking hands, the kid reached into his pocket and handed Casey a prescription bottle of little white pills: Xanax. Casey scoffed and grinned a little. "Damn straight." The raven haired senior even took one before leaving the bathroom and heading off to lunch. He needed something to get the taste of cum out of his mouth. Luckily, the walk to the cafeteria was fairly quick, and once Casey grabbed his little plastic box of lettuce, he went out to the patio to go find Shiloh.

By the time that the whore got outside, Shiloh was still sat at the base of the tree; a graham cracker sticking out of his mouth halfway. Though his guest still remained, sitting beside him now. And oblivious little Shiloh really had no idea what he was getting at when he leaned in and rested against his side.

"Say, you smell like sweets, ma poupée." His guest purred. The affection confused him, but he was flattered none the less.

"ma poupée? What's that mean?" Shi giggled to his new friend.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out.~" Trev replied teasingly.

As soon as Casey stepped foot outside, he saw the guy sitting next to Shiloh. His eyes narrowed in anger and his stomach twisted. Shiloh was his property, and that guy had no right to be there. What if he was flirting with Shiloh, and Shiloh was flirting right back. Casey walked over to the tree they were both sitting by, and just couldn't control his jealousy. "Who's this?" he asked, trying not to sound as jealous as he was.

Shiloh's new friend perked up and smirked abit as he covered Shi's mouth so that he wouldn't need to speak over him. "The name's Trevor. And you might be?" He asked in an accusatory tone.

The stench of jealousy and competition filled the atmosphere between them almost instantly.

Casey was nearly foaming at the mouth, but he was in a bit of a pickle. If he did anything to get in between their friendship, Shiloh might think that Casey liked him. Sure, that was the truth; but Casey didn't want Shiloh to know. He himself didn't even want it to be true, as love meant caring about someone and trusting them. "Oh, you're that douchebag that is obviously a fucking faggot but is probably too scared to come out of the closet, so he does nothing but hit on girls all day. I see." Casey spat with a malicious smile curling at the corners of his lips.

With that note, Trev just rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around Shiloh's middle- elbows resting on his hips as he continued to stare back up to Casey with that remaining smirk.

"Tch, where'd you hear that? Is there something wrong with flirting with someone when I find them beautiful?~ Not that I'd speak a word to you on a regular basis though, your attitude is vile." The Scot replied with a sigh as he went back to resting his chin on Shiloh's shoulder.

Shiloh who'd been confused in silence to this point blushed quite a bit once Trevor referred to him as beautiful.
Though he really couldn't understand why the two seemed on such bad terms with one another.

At this point, Casey was so angry that he just walked away. That was fine, Trevor could have Shiloh. Casey felt like he was just going to get friend zoned anyway. But then that bothersome care came back, the slut felt so hurt that he was choking back tears. How was this possible? Just a little more than a week ago, he had no feelings at all for this kid. And ever worse, Casey was actually starting to care about someone in his life. Ironically, Casey just ended up sitting in the bathroom he had just given head in.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" he whispered, feeling hopeless.

"Doing what?" Peeped a little voice from the cracked bathroom door. Shiloh had pulled out of Trevor's grip moments after Casey had taken his leave. And in the doorway stood Shiloh with his fingers covering his little lips which were twisted with worry. "Did I do anything to upset you..?" Shi asked as he took a few little steps closer.

The raven didn't see Shiloh follow him. As soon as he heard Shiloh's voice, Casey covered his face with his hands. He didn't want the boy to see him crying. "Get tired of having lunch with your little boyfriend?" he sniffled, trying to evade the question.

The boy who'd trailed after him like a little duckling just walked over and sat down in front of him. "W-what're you talking about? I wanted to see if you're okay…I was worried." Shi swallowed as he leaned in; trying to get a look at Casey's face. "Why are you crying..?" he eventually brought himself to ask.

"I am not crying!" the slut snapped, shocking the pinky and making him jerk back. He didn't say anything more though. Casey feared that if he did, he would just spill the beans.

The atmosphere after that became very disquiet as Shiloh just gave him a concerned look. Minutes of uncomfortable silence passed on the bathroom floor as Shi toyed with ideas of what he could do to help Casey feel better at least. So without a word, he scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Casey's shoulders; careless to the possible consequences that Casey could possibly treat him to in response. Shi's chest gradually fell into Casey's and he nuzzled his face into the whore's chest. He just wanted to let him know that he cared, that he just wanted to hold him and offer comfort.

The sudden hug made Casey gasp, but it was a pleasant surprise. Instead of questioning it, he wrapped his arms around Shiloh and hugged onto him tightly. With his face buried in the boy's fluorescent hair, he just let himself cry silently, letting out a hiccup every now and again. "You're an idiot, Shiloh" He choked.
Trevor, you sexy thing [link] . :u

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