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August 30, 2012
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Later that night, Casey had left Shiloh's house, saying he had to go home. But sure enough, his car pulled up into the boy's driveway the next morning to give the pinky a ride to school. The whole way there though, he couldn't help thinking about that sweet morning they spent together and the kiss they shared at the park. The scenes just replayed in his head over and over again, and every time, his stomach felt fluttery. As he sat there in Shiloh's driveway, waiting for him to come out, he just let his head fall back on the headrest of his seat and smiled warmly. Even though the chill of autumn slowly crept into the car and through his thin sweater, those memories just made him feel oh so warm.

The pinky soon came out of his house and ran up to the car; his thick pink hair bouncing with his steps as he got in and sat beside Casey in the passenger's seat.

"Hi Casey~ How're you?" Shi asked with his lips curled into a sweet smile as he buckled himself in and pulled his hands into his bunny hoodie's sleeves. The boy's nose and cheeks were awfully pink today and his little sniffles gave away that he was getting sick. Ever since he was a little boy his Auntie always was fussing over the layers of clothes he wore and all that he ate since he'd grown up with such an awful immune system and got sick so often.

"Tired." he replied, looking over to Shiloh. Once Casey caught a glimpse of the boy though, he saw how rosy his nose and cheeks were. "You alright? You look kinda sick." he asked, hand resting on the steering wheel.

"Huh? O-oh um.. I'm fine." Shi responded with a little smile. "Do I look bad or something?" He asked, missing the point.

Casey was about to reply, but then he was hit with the feeling of deja vu. Instead of answering Shiloh's question, he affectionately pushed Shiloh's bangs out of the way and pressed his palm against the boy's forehead, just as Shiloh did to him the night after the party. "Maybe you should stay home today..."

A pitiful little look took over the boy's face as he pursed his little lips into a pout. "But I wanna be with you though.." He whined, lifting his arms to pull the whore's hand down to his lips as he just looked over to him. He looked tired and his argument was a lost cause.

"Well, I'll stay here with you then. I don't really want to go to school today anyway." The raven offered, smiling sweetly.
He gently touched Shiloh's plump cheek before taking his hand back and turning off the car engine.

"Oh! Okay." Shi peeped before going to get out of the car and rushing over to Casey's side door, shivering out in the chilled air. He was thinking of all the things that they could do all day together: maybe watch movies on the couch, or maybe they could just cuddle and stuff.~

Shiloh's reaction made Casey smile. He too got out of the car and put his warm arm around Shiloh, pulling him closer. "I'm tired." he whined, beginning to walk with him up to the house.

"Do you wanna watch a movie with me?" Shi asked once the walked back inside.

The house was warm as usual and oh so very clean since the pinky was a compulsive cleaner it seemed.

Casey actually kind of liked the sound of curling up on the couch and watching a movie. He looked down to the pink haired boy and smiled a little more. "Yeah, sure. What movie?"

Shiloh wandered into the lounge and jumped up on the couch, peeling off his jacket before curling up against the armrest. "Mmm..How about SpiderMan?"

Of course, Casey followed and sat down right next to his Shiloh. "Ok." he replied rather plainly. He was probably just going to fall asleep on Shiloh's shoulder anyway, so the movie didn't matter much to him.

Once Shiloh toyed with the remote and turned on the movie, he then switched his weight and leaned against Casey; looking up to him with sweet but tired eyes as he wrapped his arms around Casey's middle. "Thanks for staying home with me by the way, I like being with you a lot."

"No problem. I like being with you too." Casey admitted, looking down to the boy attached to his waist. After a second of looking down at him though, the teen pushed Shiloh's bangs out of the way again, only this time he softly kissed the boy's forehead. He then sat up a little, but went to kiss the tip of the boy's rosy nose before pulling away all the way.

The affection and kisses just made the boy smile and cling to his crush. The movie was all really just on for background sound as they cuddled and exchanged words.

"Casey I like you, do you like me too?" He asked, though the answer was more than obvious. He just wanted to hear Casey say yes or kiss him again.

"Of course I like you. I wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't like you." he chuckled. Though, that last sentence wasn't true. Casey had kissed a lot of boys he didn't like, or even know. But he would never tell Shiloh that. Not in a million years.

To confirm what he said to Shiloh, he placed yet another light kiss on the boy's little cheek.

The answer made the boy smile even more so as he sat up a little to plant a little kiss on Casey's jaw. It was the closest he could get without fully sitting up. "Me neither." He giggled before falling back into his lap.

The little kiss on his jaw made him giggle. "Let me lay down. I'm tired." He whined again, only this time with a smile on his face.

"Nooo, only if you cuddle me." Shi whined back, mocking him with a cheeky grin.

Casey combed the boy's hair back with his fingers. "Of course. How could I just leave you sitting there?"

After a few minutes of cuddling, the boys eventually fell asleep and the clock soon struck twelve. The sound of an engine purred from outside the house and the sound of a car door slammed. Shiloh was lying on the outer side of the couch and was ever so slowly sliding over the edge; He'd fall if it weren't for his arms wrapped inside Casey's sweater and around his middle.

The front door was opened by a somewhat overweight woman with light rustic brown hair decorated with a few grey strands wrapped up in a bun. She walked inside with a sigh as she hung up her long raincoat on the coat hanger that stood by the front door. The scent of peach perfume filled the air of each room that she entered.

Annie had just gotten back from Sicily, her flight had been delayed a week earlier and she'd been trying to get home since. She absolutely hated leaving her precious little god son home alone for so much time. To her knowledge, Shiloh didn't even have any friends- and oh id she have quite the surprise waiting for her in the lounge.

As Shiloh's aunt entered the house, Casey continued to sleep on the couch with Shiloh pressed into his chest. The title screen music of the movie they were watching played on loop as they slept, since they fell asleep before it was over, and now it was merely the background noise of Casey's dream.

The sound of dramatic movie menu music made the woman roll her eyes as she strolled into the lounge room. Shiloh was notorious for leaving the tv or really any electronic on, whether he was using it or not. The heels of her pumps clacked against the wooden floor before she came to a stop and stared at the display.

She wasn't sure whether or not to be concerned or content really. Concerned of who the hell that older boy was and what their relationship was, or happy that Shiloh made a friend.

"Shiloh hunny? Are you awake?" She eventually asked as she walked over and nudged his shoulder.

The woman's voice alone was enough to wake Casey up, but he opened his eyes and looked up when he felt Shiloh move from Annie's nudge. "Huh?" he muttered, looking up at the woman for a second before he made the connection. Once he realized that this was Shiloh's guardian though, he froze in utter terror. "Uh..."

The woman switched her gaze over to Casey and rose a thin plucked brow and straightened her posture, looking down to him as she sought out words.

"Who might you be? Are you one of Shiloh's friends?" She asked, coming off a little demanding since her god son had his arms wrapped around Casey and the view could be interpreted as many things.

Casey's instincts were telling him to run, but he knew that wouldn't help the situation at all. "Yeah... we're friends." he replied, trying to sound as confident as possible. Though, that was the truth after all. Casey and Shiloh were technically just friends.

Friends that had kissed before and friends that liked each other, but still just friends.

And then Len left to go shopping so we had to cut it short. Let's burn his house down.
Part ten
Part eight
(c) Casey belongs to *Moldybass

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